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Antique / Hot Rod Coil Springs

These symbols of yesterday can be found getting a new life for the road in garages all across the world. Although most are being restored to their original condition, many are after a specific look, such as the gasser look of the race track or the slow and low easy rider of Main Street. Whatever your goal, Coil Spring Specialties has the expertise to set your project vehicle at your desired height. And don't over look weight changes. These changes can significantly change the load dynamics and trim height of your vehicle. So if you gain or lose a few pounds due to engine swaps or chassis and body modifications, we can compensate for these changes with a new pair of springs.

Whatever the make or model, from classic collectibles to muscle cars, show-stopping originals to clones, we have supplied auto enthusiasts with coil springs, all 100% calibrated to fulfill their suspension needs.

We build each set of springs to your vehicle's specifications. We will need YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, ENGINE SIZE, TRANSMISSION TYPE, and A/C to put into account for each car we engineer for, as all these options play into the manufacturing of your springs.

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